Hi my name is Edgar

I am a husband, father of three beautiful children, Triathlete and Professional Coach

In March of 2012 I was 240lbs and on my 40th birthday I was diagnosed with chronic high blood pressure.

My Doctor told me I needed to take blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life. At that point I decided to make some profound changes in my life, in order to regain my health and vitality, which I lost after many years of living a sedentary lifestyle and eating a diet based on processed foods and animal products.

As part of the changes, I took on the challenge of training for and running an Ironman. I trained for several months, changed my diet, and lost 80 pounds in the process. I completed the race in July 2013 in Lake Placid, NY in 14 hours and 59 minutes. I did it on a plant based, mostly raw diet and today I am happy to report that I no longer take any blood pressure, asthma or allergy medicine and my energy levels, vitality, and health have never been better

I never set out to lose 80 pounds, in my mind that was something beyond my wildest dreams, in all honesty I did not think it was possible for me. At the time I was content with not gaining any weight, I saw my battle with obesity as part of my life, it was a given, I was destined to be overweight and the more I tried to change, the more frustrating things became. The deeper I went into my journey , the more things I found I needed to learn, I made many mistakes, I went down many dead end roads, I followed the latest trends , I was doing things that did not feel right for me. I counted calories, exercised like a maniac, ate so called “lean healthy processed” foods only to find later that those are neither, lean nor healthy.  I stressed about losing weight so much, that even the people close to me got tired of my obsessive behavior all I wanted to do at the time was to lose 20 pounds and if I got lucky, be able to keep the weight off.

I want to tell you that it is okay to not be perfect, it is okay to make mistakes, to be confused, to be stretched and tested in ways you never even thought possible.

Because from all that comes growth and wisdom, self-knowledge, self-love, only from venturing down the path of self-discovery, we can gain the knowledge and confidence, to reclaim our lives, our health and our happiness.

The process of weight loss is not even about weight loss, it is about much more, about something bigger, it is about our health and happiness. Health is the foundation of happiness. What are you doing to pursue your health and happiness today?

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Be persistent and relentless in your pursuit of health and happiness