My Story

A few years ago I was living a sedentary life with poor health, I was given a list of medicines in order to supposedly “improve” my quality of life. The way I felt was the opposite, I felt even worse.

As a child I survived domestic violence, for the majority of my adult life I dealt with my past by developing an unhealthy relationship with food. Through much trial and error, and after adopting a plant based lifestyle I was able to overcome my addiction to food as an emotional crutch, improve my health and in the process complete an Ironman triathlon.

Based on what I learned through my own experience, I can help you develop the habits, find the motivation, overcome the challenges that prevent you from living the healthy, happy, fulfilling life that we all crave.
I want you to have the same opportunity I got, to have great health, lose weight and feel your best. You deserve it, period.

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